Our experts teach you how to perform decontamination & train your response teams

Inventory & Process Management

We ensure you are fully prepared to manage decontamination responses


Our experienced professionals are on call to respond to all your hazardous situation needs

Can you avoid disaster?

Patient decontamination programs are a challenge. A lot of time is required managing complex program details, inventory and an active response team. After all this effort — and stress  — are you certain that your program is effective and compliant?

How to Create 
An Effective Decontamination Program

your emergency response

We visit your emergency management meeting
and provide our expert evaluation — at no cost

an effective response team

Whether you use one of our teams or have us train your staff, you’ll have a prepared, well-trained response team

Administratef For compliance & improvement

Our services are guaranteed to satisfy the hard-to-decipher compliance requirements of decontamination

We take care of your decontamination worries, so you can focus on providing first-rate healthcare

Here’s a quick look at the big changes you’ll see… 

Fully Staffed Teams

Selection and training processes to help you keep your team fully staffed. 

Compliance Assured

With an eye on compliance, we help you stay focused on your healthcare services.


Exceptional return on investment gives you back resources and time to you and your team.

Best-In-Class Education

Proven processes and training systems continue to support you and your team.

Decontamination training

We do FIT Testing for you

We assist you with both Qualitative and Quantitative testing.

Call (888) 270-0626
to plan your testing.
Qualitative Test

— Most common
— Typically used for half-mask respirators

Quantitative Test

— Machine-assisted testing
— Measures leakage into the face piece

See What Our Clients Say

RRS answered all the problems with our patient decontamination issues while cutting costs! 

Kirk S. Bantz


Following this training, I feel confident that our staff will be able to respond efficiently and appropriately in a disaster event.

J. Michelle Fletcher

Driscoll Children’s Hospital

Why RRS?

We’ve met thousands of healthcare professionals who work tirelessly and still find decontamination programs difficult to manage. That’s why our programs and trainings cover everything you’ll need and fill in any gaps in resources. After all, decontamination is extremely specialized—shouldn’t you bring in the experts?

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