Rapid Response System because contaminations can spread fast 

The plan you have separates success from catastrophe

The problem is the undertaking is huge and information about what you need is hard to find. 

Chris and Kara Maze created Rapid Response System to illuminate the process and help hospitals put an effective plan in place. 

They were certain that if they shared their system with hospitals, dedicated professionals could finally find the decontamination answers they needed, as well as the confidence that any incident would be handled safely and quickly. 

Plus, Chris and Kara knew how confusing the many compliance regulations surrounding decontamination can be—and how the risk of a hefty fine can keep a healthcare professional up at night.

With all these worries removed (along the the hours of administrative work it takes), hospitals could focus on providing on what they do best—caring for their patients’ health. 

Now, RRS offers both fully managed programs  (for hospitals that want to outsource their decontamination) and trainings for those that want to improve their existing program.

Either way, RRS is committed to helping you achieve an effective, compliant program. 

“Chris and Kara Maze are experts in this field.
They provide an excellent service and ‘walk the walk,’
as they truly care for people.”
— J. Michelle Fletcher, Driscoll Children’s Hospital

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