Two Approaches, 
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We offer both fully managed programs and expert trainings for your staff. Whichever you choose,
RRS will work with you to ensure your program is effective and compliant.

Fully Managed Programs

Let us take care of your decontamination program


Ensure your staff is
trained and prepared 

Fully Managed Decontamination Programs 

Many hospitals don’t have the time, staff or resources to run programs themselves. Our best-in-class patient decontamination and contamination containment are fully managed and cost-effective.

Patient Decontamination

Our local, expertly trained professionals take care of your hazmat needs, 24/7. We provide a safe environment for your staff and patients and handle it in a cost-effective manner. By taking care of patient decontamination, we also take a load of stress off your emergency department providers.  

Contamination Containment

Be prepared for a contamination incident, while avoiding the cost of training staff in hazmat procedures. We make a specific plan, perform situation assessment and area preparation, and take care of any contamination—individuals and groups. Our rapid response teams are on call 24/7.

RRS answered all the problems with our patient decontamination issues while cutting costs! Fast and efficient, the RRS team provides the highest quality decontamination and emergent care services available for patients! Their ability to respond with highly trained personnel within minutes is remarkable.

Kirk S. Bantz


Expert Training to Prepare Your Staff

Emergency Management managers have enough on their plate. We help you maintain an effective, compliant program by performing trainings and equipping you to train your staff.

Training for First Responders

Our expert professionals conduct an 8-hour training that fully encompasses the needs of your emergency response. It is designed and recorded to fulfill the yearly training and drills required for compliance. These trainings can be administered on- or off-site. 

Training for Educators

We also offer intensive educational classes to train members of your staff to be trainers themselves, providing assurance to your in-house response program. This course is administered over a span of XX weeks and must be done in person.

Following this training, I feel confident that our staff will be able to respond efficiently and appropriately in a disaster event. The response from hospital senior leadership and staff was overwhelmingly positive, and I would recommend RRS Patient Decontamination for your organization’s needs.

J. Michelle Fletcher

Driscoll Children’s Hospital

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